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Kayk- Minecraft YouTuber


Hello Everybody!

 My  name's Kayla, but I'm more commonly known as Kayk. I am a nineteen year old,  Minecraft YouTuber and I currently reside in the sunny state of Florida.
  I've always taken a liking  to video games, but I only got into Minecraft approximately three years ago. To  be honest, it really didn't appeal to me at first. I was one of those annoying,  negative people who were like "the graphics suck, you're playing a block  game trollololol". It wasn't until I was introduced to Stacyplay's channel  who was just starting out, doing a MCSG series with the well known Joey  Graceffa, that I actually took the initiative to buy an account. Being a big  fan of "The Hunger Games" movies, I wanted to play it for myself. It  didn't take long for my view of Minecraft to change, and I began playing on  different servers and on my own world in Survival.

 All along I had been posting my own videos on YouTube. When I started out, they  were non-Minecraft related. I posted things like sit-down vlogs, DIY's, etc. It  wasn't until this year that I decided to switch my channel over to gaming.  Currently, I mainly post Minecraft videos, but I'd eventually like to expand to  other games. Right now I have my main series with an awesome group of people  called "The Universal SMP". You can see the first episode here: The Universal SMP first episode And I also have some other series I am working on including:
The Hunger Games
Story Times
Mini Games, and soon, Adventure Maps.

 YouTube had been such a  large part of my life before and it only made sense for me to take the next  step and start my own channel, though, I never imagined that I'd have this much  success. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my channel. In closing,  I'd like to thank the ones who have continuously supported my passion of  creating by subscribing and watching my videos. I'm forever grateful for my  subscribers.

YouTube.com KKsRae


Author: Guest Writer
Published: 24-Nov-2015
Last updated: 27-Nov-2015 


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