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Check out our own Minecraft Project Pharaoh Craft


Pharaoh Craft is an educational, Minecraft adventure map with an Egyptian Theme. Collect clues to help you through the puzzles and avoid the traps of the Pyramid of Unas. Click here to find out more.

Hull recreated from 17th maps

Check out our recreation of 17th Century Hull in Minecraft. We have made this map of 17th Century Hull for our events and up and coming projects with local Schools. Minecrafters will be able to help us recreate some of Hull's iconic historic locations such as Holy Trinity Church, Beverley gate, Hull Charterhouse and more. 

Author: Bernard - World Of Board Craft
Published: 22-Nov-2015
Last updated: 30-Nov--0001 


Looks really interesting, cant wait to see the finished map!
2015-11-22 08:04:27

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