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Pharaoh Craft is an educational, Minecraft adventure map with an Egyptian Theme. Collect clues to help you through the puzzles and avoid the traps of the Pyramid of Unas. Click here to find out more.

PharaohCraft: Exploring Egyptology using Minecraft

Hannah Rice, @hannahbeth_r, Guest Writer, Heritage & Games-based Learning Consultant


PharaohCraft, by World of Board Craft, is a new Minecraft map about engaging a younger audience with the fascinating subjects within Egyptology. From history, literature, religion, language, art and architecture, PharaohCraft takes players on an educational adventure through the Pyramid of Unas (a real place!) and Ancient Egypt whilst encountering historical characters, puzzles and challenges along the way.

As Minecraft features customisable capabilities, the game can be modified to construct worlds that are immersive spaces for learning whilst promoting fun, adventure and achievement. We can also programme a narrative, customise NPCs to create an RPG-style of interaction and craft a themed world with custom blocks. All of these features have been harnessed in PharaohCraft alongside pedagogical concepts to infuse players about this overlooked site of Ancient Egypt.

Within PharaohCraft the ruined Pyramid of Unas (Fig.1) has been recreated in its former glory as the setting for an interactive journey of discovery. The Unas Pyramid is located near Cairo at Saqqara, the necropolis of the ancient capital Memphis. It was built for Pharaoh Unas in the mid-24th century BC and is approximately 20km south of the renowned Giza Pyramid complex that has become an icon of Egypt. Players can explore this complex and learn about the Pyramid and its history, whilst engaging with tasks that educate about broader subjects of Ancient Egyptian life and mythology.

Big things are planned for this project, so watch this space and PharaohCraft will be released very soon.

WorldOfBoardCraft PyramidOfUnas
Figure 1 Pyramid Of Unas, Image source: Click Here

Author: Hannah Rice - pixelpasts.com
Published: 16-May-2015
Last updated: 16-May-2015 


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