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Guild Wars 2 - Best MMO?

Guild wars 2 isn't a new game in fact it was launched in 2012. However it's very first expansion pack Heart Of Thorns is due out soon and is certain to attract a lot of new players as well as draw back some of its old ones.

I got the game a few months back and I am hooked! I am already at level 80 (Highest level) and have taken part in it's world vs world where each server is pitched against the other in a huge battle. I have still only completed 50% of the map as well!

The views are amazing. Some great buildings and design makes discovering all the more exciting.

So why is Guild Wars 2 one of the best MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online ) games around? Firstly you pay for the game and that's it! No subscription fee no paying for items to avoid grinding (Although a system is in place to allow you to spend your real money). Money is only part of it though, the game itself and playability is what matters. The developers have created an awesome community and game simply by having a few key components.

You start the game by choosing your race there're five to choose from:

Asura, Charr, Human, Norn and Sylvari

You then choose your profession:

Mesmer, Necromancer, Thief, Warrior, Guardian, Engineer, Elementalist and Ranger

Each profession has it's own range of unique skills and traits that you unlock.

You can then customise the look of your character right down to hair and facial features, colour and size.

Once you have created your character you start off in your races home world and begin your story.


Screen shots. Top right World Vs World Vista point (View Point) and screen shots from the Asura starting point.

The controls and inventory system might seem a little complex to start off with however you soon get used to it and you unlock other abilities as you get more and more use to the layout. You can get  more in-depth  with your load-out and this is essential when battling other players in WVW (World Vs World)  where it is much tougher.

Even if you are not level 80 you can still join in with WVW as you level up to 80 so everyone is the same level (Of course a true level 80 will be stronger but you can still contribute a lot to your team).

You are actually encouraged to explore instead of being penalised like so many other games do when you go venturing. As you explore you discover new quests, points of interest, view points and way points. All these discoveries give you XP to level up your character and thus rewards such as weapons, crafting gear, traits and skills.

Lions Arch. (Destroyed) The world of Guild Wars 2 is what's described as a "living world" Changes happen in the world that are permanent. I never got chance to see Lions Arch fully built which is a shame but this is also a great feature that  means the game is constantly changing with areas being destroyed and thus new areas being created.

The Quests show up as hearts on the map, at each heart a NPC (Non player character) will explain what he or she needs help with. With most games you have to trek to the NPC, do the mission, then back trek to the NPC to collect your reward. With Guild Wars 2 you don't even have to go to the NPC (Some you do) the minute you step into the heart zone you can see the mission and start contributing immediately. When you complete the mission you get an instant reward as well so no need to back track to the NPC. The missions are different to each other as well and some coincide with events such as boss fights which means double rewards and a quicker way of completing multiple tasks.

Me in the foreground as an Asura and our Castle Lord behind in a World Vs World game.

The way point system is another great way of avoiding back tracking over the same area. So long as you have discovered the way point you wish to teleport too, you can spend a few coin and get anywhere instantly.

When you are about to die you get a chance to finish off the enemy so no more nearly killing a boss to have to then start all over again. If you kill an enemy close to death you revive a little life otherwise you die. All is not lost though, you can either pay to re-spawn at a way point  or wait for a player to revive you. The game encourages you to help each other out, again rewarding you for doing so. If you are the first or last person to kill a boss it's not just you who gains the reward but everyone who was involved. You actually like players turning up to help. Boss's actually level up in accordance with the amount of people so it still makes it challenging.

Having a rest in front of my favourite house in World Vs World  

 As you are exploring and completing missions you are also following your characters story and this is tailored to you and the choices you make. You can also join in and help on other players story quests and see what their character has experienced.

Watch Angry Joe's Review which gets the point across at how great this game is. Scores 10/10 which he has only given out a couple of times.

Angry Joe Review

Author: Christopher - World Of Board Craft
Published: 29-Mar-2015
Last updated: 30-Apr-2015 


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