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Alien: Isolation - Game Review

Alien Isolation has been out for a few weeks now and we finally got round to purchasing a copy for the PC. We've read quite a few reviews and for the most it looks like Alien Isolation has got top marks. Everyone seems to reference the previous Colonial Marines which I'm sure we all already know wasn't the best, but Alien Isolation is in a different league and there's no point even trying to compare it to the previous games in the series.

Motion tracker (not that you'd need it here) The focus changes when using and not using it.

Next the sound, original sounds from the film again makes such a difference to any hardcore fan. The film music score that plays at key moments just gets your heart racing to such a point that your wishing it would stop! Even at the start of the game when it is building up the tension and slowly adding more and more scary moments easing you into the terror every sounds of a bang or thump just gets you terrified even if there is no intermediate threat.
A lot of peoples reviews have commented on the save system which is more going back to the old ages of games where you have to reach a check point to save the game. A lot of people hate the system but admit it adds to the game dynamics. This is the key thing here, game dynamics! this game would not work half as well at building up tension if you could save it whenever the going gets tough or with an auto save system. This games works because of the save system and is a must! As described by one game reviewer "We have been spoilt in games with auto saves"The save system build up the tension and changes your game play, it affects your decisions and when those decisions are life and death in this game it just adds to the scariness.

Working Joes. Not as high tech as the Weyland Androids 

Working Joes are the androids on the space station and as this is a rival company to Weyland and they are an inferior company their androids don't look as great. Not to give too much away but these androids and other humans add an extra dimension to the game. Again some mixed reviews on these androids but for us it's just another added element which fits the theme.
As we are still on the early stages of the game we will have to update this post when the game is completed however so far I would recommend this game to anyway. It might be more frustrating to some of you who are used to the more aggressive gaming style  but it's such a great alternative to a lot of the games out there and definitely a great addition to the Alien franchise. All we can hope now is that they carry on and create some more awesome Alien themed games like this one.

Author: Christopher - World Of Board Craft
Published: 20-Nov-2014
Last updated: 01-May-2015 


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