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Updated - Call Of Duty COD Ghosts Review

It has been sixth months since the release of Call Of Duty Ghosts and as you can see from my previous post I wasn't initially too happy with the game.I have however persevered, I also went back to Black Ops 2 to really compare the two, switching back and forth over the past months. I realised a few things:

1) It took me a while to get into Ghosts but it is not as bad as I first thought. The points I did pick out in my first review still stand but maybe not as passionately critical as I first came across. (I will go into more detail)  
2) I became a much better playing at Black Ops 2 by playing Ghosts! I think this due to the fact that everything in Ghosts seems slightly smaller, the colour detailing less contrasty and it's easier to die so you avoid getting shot even more.
3) Black Ops 2 is a really great game.
So back to Ghosts, the more I have played the more I did get into it. I became more clued up on the different layout on the menus, gun profiles and playing styles. I started trying to unlock camos, uniforms, hats and found myself customising my loadouts accordingly, all to get a black beret or a concealed sniper suit!
This is what I liked in Black Ops 2 and this is what keeps me playing the multiplayer. At first there seems to be way too much to unlock and you don't know where to start but when you start getting into it, view other peoples loadouts who have shot you a million times, after a few months you do get a taste of the good old Call Of Duty game play.

I still haven't played the campaign section of the game due to the motion sickness from last time but I am enjoying making an awesome squad of badass women in cool camo. 

Author: Christopher - World Of Board Craft
Published: 05-Apr-2014
Last updated: 30-Apr-2015 


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