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Call Of Duty COD - Ghosts Review

I would like to say I have followed the Call Of Duty franchise from the beginning, however, that is not the case. Having played several of the versions prior I did splash out on Call Of Duty - Black Ops and then Black Ops Two. I feel that due to this fact I have not had the possible boredom so many other hard core fans might have suffered from.
Black Ops being my first major experience I have to say I was hooked and of course the Multiplayer quickly became my main attraction with the game. Black Ops Two came out and this took a bit of getting use too but once I got use to the slight change in gaming style and tactics I have to say the two games lined up together it was a definite step forward in the right direction. Better Graphics, more exciting game play, a better system with Score-streaks.
I was really excited to hear of the new Ghosts Call of duty, the adverts looked awesome and the game play I saw seemed to be good too. I did want to pre-order but cash flow meant I wasn't able too. The 5th of November came round and I thought I would have to wait for re-stocking but to my surprise I still saw lots of copies on the shelf the next day.
At work I saw a post on my Girlfriends Facebook account: "Call Of Duty Ghosts bought" I could not wait to get home and have a look at this amazing new game.We put the kettle on turned the PS3 on and both sat down controllers in hand."I say we go straight into Multiplayer so we can both play"The disappointment was unbelievable "Is this the graphics?""Surely not?""Look at the grass there!""Is that blurry or is it just me""Have we got this on the right settings?"We checked the actual game play and full screen multiplayer, it was as if they had not bothered to properly texture the scenery. Maybe they sacrificed some of the graphics for the game play? The game play certainly seemed better but was it that much better?
I had a go on the single player campaign missions and within two minutes felt physically travel sick. The first part is walking along behind two other characters and for some reason your neck has been replaced by Zebedee's spring! At least that's what it feels like, no one walks like that! shaking their head around.<
The actual menu of the game isn't the best either. Compared to Black Ops Two which seems easy and clear to navigate (White menu, Orange to highlight selected and all on a dark black background ) Ghosts just seems fussy and dated.
The character design page is one of the big changes but again looks more towards a cartoon and the way your soldier throws away the previous gun and grabs another, is that really necessary? 
Overall the game feels rushed and a step back from Black Ops Two, it has a lack of visual and they seem to have tried to go more down the route of Battlefield. I do think where they have got it right is with feature like the slide and movements over obstacles. If they had have moved forward from Black Ops Two and incorporated these features with less of the air support score-streaks I think they would be onto a winner. Don't get me wrong it's still early days but my initial thoughts are I've been ripped off and want my money back!

Author: Christopher - World Of Board Craft
Published: 05-Nov-2013
Last updated: 30-Apr-2015 


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